Pick-Up Shoot for Syntax Era / Micro Men

Pick-Up Shoot for Syntax Era / Micro Men
Spent today in London at Alphaville2 studios at the final 'pick-up' shoot for the Syntax Era film.
For some reason to do with the BBC considering the Syntax Era title difficult for people to understand they have in thier wisdom changed the title to Micro Men. Personally I much prefer the Syntax Era title. It was clever and invoked a direct feeling of the times. Well, it did for me anyway!
The BBC have just released a temporary trailer which you can see by clicking the image below ...

I took a BBC Micro, Spectrum and Acorn Atom which were all needed to shoot close-ups of the screens and the machines themselves. You know the kind of thing - close ups of the low resolution graphics on the screen showing every scan line that makes up the text ... 
A couple of the shots had already been shot, but becuase there was a problem with camera on the first shoot they had to be re-shot.
It's amazing to see the amount of time and effort that goes into getting one very brief shot! Getting the lighting right, matching it to the original footage, ensuring the machines are spotless and so on ... all very time consuming.
I had a chance to see some short scenes from the film and I have to say that it looks really good. Extremely good! It has a great moody feel to the lighting but it has a light hearted feel to the script and they balance very well. It picks up the feel of the era very well indeed. My hat is off to Saul and the team that are putting it together.
I will be very proud to have been a part of it ...

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